In addition to bulk fresh fish, we also deliver fresh fish packed in controlled conditions.

Controlled conditions

The natural atmosphere is replaced by a modified atmosphere best suited to the packaged product.
In this method of packaging with a protective atmosphere (MAP package), the natural atmospheric air in the package is replaced by a gas mixture adapted to the product in order to preserve the shape, colour and freshness of the product. The protective atmosphere usually consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen.


Some of the advantages of MAP packages are the extension of durability and quality of the goods, as well as the protection the packages offer during handling and transport, and protection from environmental influences. In the case of packaged food, MAP can extend its shelf life without the use of food additives.

Transport packaging

We deliver bulk fish frozen in styrofoam boxes of 6, 8 and 10 kg.
We deliver packaged fresh fish in cardboard boxes with 8 packages in different weights from 250gr to 600gr, depending on the selected product.